Get and keep your accounting system compliant

Engage us to create adequate accounting records first and then we can create very strong cost proposals for you. Let’s propose it right from the beginning and heighten your chances of winning the contract.

We can set up your books and records correctly, assist you with normal bookkeeping efforts, prepare financial statements monthly, invoice, monitor and administrate your contracts, as well as develop or update your policies and procedures to be compliant to all government regulations. There are slight variances in the naming of accounts for government accounting which differ from tax preparation. We are familiar with what nomenclature could work for both government allowability and tax preparation.

Meeting All your Accounting Needs Monthly

Manufacturing companies often need to comply with ISO standards,
and manufacturing cost accounting practices, as well as government accounting. Allow us to work with you to meet all requirements, if we review and prepare your records for all requirements, then we can design records and systems which complement each other and work together.

Lets Set Up your Books and Records Right the First Time

Allow us to set up your books and records, create accurate indirect rates for billing and proposing purposes, set up and maintain government invoicing, as well as any other invoicing, maintain variance reports for monitoring and budgeting costs, and coordinate your long term strategic goals so that you are consistently and systematically bidding for more work and have a strong chance of running your company efficiently and winning more contracts. We can also review your electronic business systems, in particular your accounting system to make sure it accurately portrays your company’s finances and produces reports which can be relied upon.

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