Creation of Strong Business Processes with Government Compliance

While staying compliant to government regulations may seem extremely tedious, it actually creates very strong business processes and procedures. There are a number of documents used by auditors, such as the internal control questionnaire (ICQ), which can guide companies in strengthening their business practices and internal controls.

When a company has been awarded a contract, especially a cost type contract, there are many tasks associated with getting established and paid. We can walk you through this process step by step, ensuring your company gets through the hurdles in the quickest amount of time possible.

The Commitment to Stay Compliant to Government Regulations

Compliance questions often come up when a government contractor is being audited. However with a small amount of investment contractors can prepare and build the systems and contract administration processes that will stand up to any inquiry, government or prime contractor.

All companies should invest in preparing their accounting system for a pre or post award accounting system audit. Many procurement officers will request a pre-award accounting system audit for potential new contractors. This is often a standard part of the award process.

The Benefits of an Adequate Accounting System and Regulatory Compliance

An adequate accounting system determination by DCAA is like a stamp of approval for your accounting processes. It may make the difference of whether your company is awarded the contract or not.

ProAcct will help you be compliant in all government Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). In the long run you’re building a strong, viable company.

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