About The Company

ProAcct LLC was started to provide the companies expertise and experience, at an affordable rate, which gives them the edge up on the proposal and contract management efforts needed to win and administrate contracts. The company exists to help companies streamline contract accounting and compliance so you get paid faster and build your company by creating a strong mix of government and commercial work. ProAcct’s efforts are completed on time and in budget. We clearly communicate the status of our work and identify any limitations which would affect the timeline and budget. We have years of experience finding out what companies did wrong. We are happy to help companies to do it right, the first time and every time.

About the Owner

Meg McKeon is the founder and owner of ProAcct LLC, an accounting and consulting firm specializing in government cost accounting. Meg has over 25 years’ experience in business, arts & media (performing arts, video and feature film), project management, production coordination, and manufacturing, as well as accounting and government auditing.

Meg received her Master’s degree in Accountancy from the University of New Mexico in 2007 and moved on from her position as a senior auditor at Defense Contract Audit Agency to assist companies in creating adequate and compliant cost accounting practices. Her experience at DCAA allowed her to work with a vast number of contractors, from very small to extremely large. She also performed 95% of the audits done at DCAA and gained expertise in business system audits (especially accounting systems), forward pricing proposals, incurred cost proposals, provisional billing rates, post award audits, and earned value management systems audits. She was known as an ‘in the weeds’ auditor with a knack for finding discrepancies.


Strong investigative and discernment skills

ProAcct utilizes strong investigative and discernment skills and its deep understanding of how a well-run company, with strong internal controls and excellent administration, runs. After years of finding many deficiencies and faulty systems, as well as reviewing very well run, efficient companies, the team at ProAcct is delighted to help companies determine how to better their process. ProAcct works with large and small companies to develop adequate business systems, policies and procedures, and strong internal controls. ProAcct also helps set up company’s books and records correctly. Developing indirect rates based on actual costs is our expertise. It is our privilege to serve our customers with the high standards we used as auditors.

ProAcct LLC
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