ProAcct LLC is happy to tell you how effective our interactive, game based Government  Cost Accounting and Cost Proposal seminars are doing. The businesses attending these seminars have had gobs of fun. It’s the fun part of this that makes them so effective. To add to the games, ProAcct is now using our own proprietary card decks to show the relationships of costs in indirect rates. It’s amazing how effective these card ‘games’ are and how well they work. Participants ‘get it’.

Truthfully the best activity is when attendees break into groups and create ‘sensory’ stories about different indirect pools. The groups just come alive. Whether they make up a story, or find a song or a gesture to describe fringe pool costs or Overhead pool costs, people love it. They laugh at the stick figures they drew to show how costs are used or come up with jingles. One group created a whole story about the vacation they took. I’m telling you, we are engaged.

Don’t miss out. We are excited to be conducting two more seminars for Sound Transit in two weeks and will be attending the Northwest Alliance as well. So sharpen your budgets and find room for these interactive seminars. They are well worth the fun and enthusiasm generated.

We look forward to hearing from you soon with any questions about the seminars. Lets get these on our calendars because they have become very popular. We provide a unique experience with a tremendous boost to learning.

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