The Neuroscience, and the Zen, of Learning

ProAcct provides targeted webinars and interactive seminars for a comprehensive, interactive learning experience for our students.  Learning about numbers, accounting, and finance can often be stressful.  ProAcct intends for each student to experience a calm clarity after engaging in our training.

ProAcct utilizes Neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change and learn all through life.

The Art of Learning

Our seminars are hands on, gamed based and interactive. The act of learning by doing provides participants a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This multi-disciplinary teaching allows participants to apply the information in a variety of activities.

It’s All Relative

ProAcct’s vision is different. Did you make ice cream in kindergarten? We did, we were curious.  It was fun to put ingredients together.  Every ingredient was important and essential for that cold, sweet taste.  Government cost accounting is just as relational as making ice cream. It is about the relationship between different costs.  Is it possible to bring curiosity back into learning?  Let’s explore learning in a more creative way and go back to the kindergarten mind of what is possible.

Why Make it Fun

Fun creates focus.  How do you put together a proposal for the government?  How do you set up costs to be fully reimbursed. How do you master the art of estimating?  Why not play games and learn about relationships between direct and indirect costs and the art of estimating?  Come and play!  Let your mind be curious. You will leave realizing you have retained so much more.

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