Ouch! Losing A Bid For a Government Contract Hurts.

All the time & money spent on the proposal goes down the drain. The only thing worse is getting notice of a Government Audit, which can be a real money pit.

Let us help you. ProAcct LLC uses its expertise to create strong accounting systems, award winning proposals and effective preparation for any Government audit you may face.

Our practices have resulted in award winning proposals for our clients, and successful outcomes of any Government Audits.

Don’t sweat it. We’ve got your back!

Winning Government Proposals

Ever lost a government contract? There are specific steps a company should take to prepare its books and records for government cost accounting, no matter what contract type it is bidding. We are experts at preparing your company for an adequate cost proposal and then creating a proposal which clearly responds to all elements of the request for proposal (RFP) and identifies all cost elements needed to provide the requested product or service.

Facing An Audit?

With a small amount of investment, ProAcct prepares contractors for audit and builds systems and administrative processes that will stand up to any inquires.

ProAcct helps you be compliant in all government Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). In the long run you’re building a strong, viable company.

Busy? Let Us Take Care Of The Accounting.

Engage us to create adequate accounting records first and then we can create very strong cost proposals for you. Let’s propose it right from the beginning and heighten your chances of winning the contract.

We can set up your books and records correctly, assist you with normal bookkeeping efforts, prepare financial statements monthly, invoice, monitor and administrate your contracts, as well as develop or update your policies and procedures to be compliant to all government regulations.

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Cost Accounting Seminars

Interested in setting up your company’s cost accounting and winning proposals? Visit our Seminars section of the website – we would love to have you in our class!

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